How to Find the Best Unique Baby Name

You’re picking out clothes, decorating the nursery, and super pumped over the approaching arrival of your little one.  But what name should you give the baby?

Here are Parenting Rockstar’s tips for finding the very best unique baby name!

Best unique baby name

The Most important Tip for Picking a Baby Name

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on a name for your new baby, but one thing in particular stands out about the rest: Think about your child’s future!

Even if you don’t follow any other advice, really think about this one. Choose a name for your baby’s benefit, NOT yours.

Among other things, this means no silly names, puns or play on words. What kid wants to grow up strapped with a really unusual name that is either super hard to pronounce, or sounds like it came from a cartoon?

“Hercules” or “Daisy” may seem more unique and interesting than a popular name like Emma or Liam, but really, would you want your child being teased and laughed at or even scarred for life just because you wanted something really different?

Choose a name that will grow with your child

A name that seems cute or fun for a squirming newborn may not sound quite so awesome to a self-conscious high schooler or college preppie.

Do the Doctor/Lawyer/CEO test

When considering a baby name, ask yourself this: Would you want to go to (or work for) a doctor, lawyer or CEO named _______?

Know what you’re looking for

Here are some questions to ask yourself to narrow down the list of potential baby names:

  • Are you thinking of a traditional, religious or uncommon name?
  • Do you want to name your baby after somebody like a relative or celebrity?
  • Would you like a short or long name?
  • Are you more interested in a trendy name or something with a more classic and enduring feel?

Deciding all of this ahead of time will immediately narrow down your search.

how to have your dream birth

What does it sound like?

Carefully think about each name you’re considering for your baby. Say it aloud. Does it have a melody?
Do you think it sounds a little weird or out of place? Does it flow well with your last name?

If you’re looking for boy names, it may be best steer away from names that sound overly feminine, with the same replying in reverse for girl names.  Think twice before considering an overly androgynous name unless you’re looking for the next Pat of SNL fame.

As a general rule, a shorter first name will go well with a longer last name and vice versa.

If your child’s last name is more unusual, it may be good to give them a common first name.  If their last name is more common, you could give them an uncommon first name to balance it out

How unique are you willing to go?

If you decide to pick a very popular or common name, chances are pretty good that several of your child’s friends in later life will have the same name.

One of the advantages with choosing a really unique names is not having your child confused with same-name classmates or friends.

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On the other hand, really unique names may not be as easy to pronounce, and may make your child feel weird or strange in the midst of a sea of more common-sounding names.

An unusual, unique name may make your child stand out from the crowd, but would she or he really want to stand out in this way?

Bubbly, outgoing, confident children may be happy with a unique name that is different than everyone else’s, but if your child ends up being more shy and not craving attention, having a unique may make your child feel self-conscious.

Some unique names are hard to spell and pronounce, so although it might make your child feel special, your child might also have to get used to people regularly misspelling and mispronouncing their name, or have to deal with teasing from classmates.

Final thoughts on choosing the best unique baby name

These are some of our best tips for choosing a unique baby name.  Choosing a name may seem like a big responsibility, but with some careful thought and consideration, you’re sure to arrive at a name that will be perfect for your new little one.

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