10 Creative and Healthy Gift Basket Ideas Every Mom Would Love

Looking for a Mother’s Day or birthday gift for your mom or wife, or need gift ideas for a special mom friend? This list of healthy gift basket ideas for moms will supply you with plenty of gift-giving inspiration!

Gift Basket for Moms

Maybe you know what it’s like to wander around the store trying to find just the right thing for that special mom in your life.  Figuring out what to get her can be a real challenge, especially when the mom you’re shopping for isn’t into perfume and candies!

For a really thoughtful and practical gift, one of the best ideas is to put together your own gift basket. This option not only gives you the power to personally customize what you give, but also allows you to give her not simply one big gift, but several (or even many!) meaningful gifts.

There really is a wide range of gift basket themes from which to select.  Depending on her interests, you could choose anything from gardening to wine to clothing accessories.

However, if you have a mom who is more health conscious or into fitness, she might appreciate something  different from the more commonplace gift ideas.

Advantages of Gift Baskets

Before looking at some of the different gift basket ideas that could be the perfect choice for your mom, let’s take a quick look at some benefits of this type of gift.

While a gift basket is a thoughtful choice for every mom, but the ideas listed here are specifically designed for moms who are more interested in fitness or health and wellness.

Gift Baskets are Super Customizable

Since you select the items and assemble the basket yourself, you have full control over what goes into the basket.

This means that every single piece–from the basket itself to what goes inside it–is chosen by you.  You can get your creative juices flowing to really personalize it for your mom and give her what she enjoys the most.

Flowers Gift Basket for Moms

Custom Gift Baskets are More Affordable

While premade gift baskets have their place, they tend to be more expensive than ones you assemble yourself.

Not only that, but premade gift baskets usually include items the recipient will never use.  Have you ever received a gift that you ended up donating to a thrift store because you didn’t need or want it?

Since you pick the basket and contents, this is a great option when you are on a limited budget.  If your budget is tight, choosing a smaller basket and less expensive items will keep you from banking the bank.

Personalized Gifts are More Meaningful

Your health-conscious mom is really going to love all of the thought you put into your gift basket.

While everyone loves receiving gifts, what moms want most for Mother’s Day or birthdays is just to spend time with you and to know you care. A personalized gift basket lets the recipient know that you put real thought into the gift you selected for her.

By personalizing your basket and choosing each item carefully, she will be able to see how much extra effort you put into picking out her gift.

Healthy Gift Baskets for Moms

But gift baskets aren’t all work!  They can be really fun to put together.

You could even get together with your siblings, spouse or kids to brainstorm and make something really special for your mom!

10 Creative and Practical Gift Basket Ideas for the Health-Conscious Mom

Once you’ve decided to give a gift basket, you’ll need to pick one that is suitable for the gifts that go inside.

These baskets are super cute and would work perfectly for gifting!

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1. Refreshing DIY Lotion and Bath Salts

It’s commonly known that many popular skin care products are full of hard-to-pronounce ingredients that may even be harmful to your health.

If you’re looking to avoid artificial chemicals and fragrance commonly found in skin care products, you can gather ingredients for your mom to make her own DIY skin care!

This is a really simple and fun gift basket idea that every health-conscious mom would love.  Why not give her something to pamper herself and help make her life a little more relaxing?

DIY skin care gift for moms

Simply purchase the ingredients (below) for homemade lotion and bath salts.  Then encourage her to take the time to make her own creations and enjoy the fruit of her labors!

Here is a really simple recipe for making your own luxuriously moisturizing DIY lotion:

Easy DIY Healthy Lotion Recipe


  • 1/2 cup almond oil
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup beeswax
  • 1 tsp vitamin E oil
  • 2 tbsp cocoa butter
  • essential oil of choice


Cut beeswax into small pieces or use a grater.

Put all ingredients in a pint or quart jar and screw on the lid.

Put jar upright in a pan with enough hot (not quite boiling) water to cover about half the jar.  Heat for about 15 minutes until fully melted. Gently shake the jar periodically to aid mixing.

Pour mixture into one or more jars, tins or other suitable containers.

Store at room temperature and use within 6 months.

All of these DIY lotion ingredients are easily available on Amazon:

Essential oil(s) of choice (lemongrass, lavender or vanilla are great choices)

These jars are perfect for storing the lotion!

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Be sure to include the recipe and a jar for storing the final product.  She will be so thrilled with such a thoughtful gift!

These bath bombs or bath bombs and candle set would be a perfect addition to include with a refreshing and pampering gift basket!

You also have the option of adding other healthy ingredients to the gift basket, such as a set of essential oils with a diffuser and carrier oil, or a variety of different naturally scented products.

You can really get your creative juices flowing with this one!

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2. Day of Pampering

For the ultimate in de-stressing and pampering, consider a professional massage for your mom.

Perhaps you know your mom works hard and is in need of a little pampering and relaxation.  A gift certificate for a massage can be just the thing to show your love.

Pampering Massage Gift for Moms

A pampering gift basket can be small or large depending on the types of items you want to
include. Instead of just handing her a spa or massage gift certificate, put together an entire gift basket filled with items to help pamper and relax.

You can have some essential oil candles for aromatherapy, include some cozy slippers and a terry cloth robe to wear after a massage.

You could also put together a basket of items where she can pamper herself at home without ever leaving the house. You might include massage oil, and there is even a home massage tool that reportedly works wonderfully to ease sore muscles! With the home tool every day could be massage day!

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3. Kombucha Brewing Kit

For something a little different for your mom, consider putting together a kombucha brewing kit. This is a unique and healthy gift idea that really caters to a healthy lifestyle.

Kombucha gift for moms

Kombucha is a growing trend in the health community, and for good reason! This nourishing probiotic-packed drink offers high quality nutrition and energy buzz with a tasty fizz!

Home-brewing kombucha is an easy hobby that’s affordable and sustainable.

A kit can be pieced together or purchased online.  To make kombucha, you will need the following:

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A kombucha kit could be just the thing for a healthy gift basket idea that your Mom could enjoy brew after brew!

4. Fitness Gear Refresh Kit

Who doesn’t love new clothes? For a mom who’s into fitness, nothing beats new workout leggings or running socks. Pick out a few fitness-related items and you have the perfect gift basket for her!

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You are combining something she loves with something practical and helpful on an every day basis.

Healthy Gifts for Moms

Put together a cute spring workout ensemble and finish it with a gym bag, stainless steel water bottle or some colorful headbands to give the gift of motivation!

Last updated on November 9, 2019 5:10 pm

To really hone in on the fitness theme, consider putting all the items into a cute gym bag instead of a traditional basket.

The fitness gift basket idea is sure to give her something to enjoy!

5. Natural Health Reference Books

Health conscious moms always love to learn, so help her build her library with the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine or another great book about herbal remedies or the wonders of essential oils.

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These resources can be so valuable in boosting a mom’s sense of health and well-being! To take it up a notch, pair it with a few basic essential oils like lavender, tea tree and lemon. Or better yet, get a starter set of the most popular essential oils!

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You can make this a health-related gift book basket with some added items like a coffee or tea mug with a mug warmer, candles to enjoy with book time, and even a cozy blanket. Think about the type of books your mom likes to read for more inspiration about what to include.

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6. The Coffee-Tea Bundle Basket

Coffee Gift for Moms

Coffee is a winning gift for many moms across the board. There are some awesome gift ideas including coffee samplers or tea samplers, so if you’re in a time crunch, that is definitely one way to go.

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Another fun way to explore these drinks is with individual coffee and tea samples that you have picked out yourself.

Herbal tea sets or organic coffees can be easily found, and make a really cute basket when paired with a cute coffee mug. Your mom will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness (and possibly the caffeine!).

This fun idea can also be turned into a couple’s or family basket just by adding more variety and a few more coffee mugs to go in the basket.

7. The Outdoors & Beach Bundle Basket

If your mom loves to spend time outdoors–whether gardening, hiking, or at the beach–this gift basket could be just the thing!

Outdoors Gift Baskets for Moms

Getting fresh air, regular exercise and sunshine (including vitamin D) are just some of the benefits that go along with spending time outdoors.

You have several really neat storage options for this type of basket.  These include baskets, tote bags, beach bags, or even an ice chest or insulated tote bag to keep the gifts all together. A picnic basket would also be an awesome choice!

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Here are some fun ideas for items that would be a perfect fit for a beach or outdoors gift basket:

Beach towel
Beach blanket
Sunblock or tanning lotion
Straw hat
Cover-up or other clothing
Water bottle
Bug Repellent
Lip Balm

There really are a lot of different options for this one. It’s a fun one to put together!

Last updated on November 9, 2019 5:10 pm

8. Essential Oils Gift Basket

Moms who are into holistic health and natural wellness usually enjoy using essential oils on a regular basis.

Essential Oils Gift Baskets for Moms

Essential oils can provide so many amazing benefits. From relaxation and aromatherapy to use with homemade skin care and sleep, essential oils are so helpful! Why not put together an essential oil gift basket for her?

For starters you could assemble a standard essential oils basket with a set of oils, carrier oil, bath and candle set, and diffuser.

Another fantastic option is to get even more creative and include some essential oil jewelry!

You can get really neat essential oil diffuser necklaces and bracelets. You’ll have fun picking out something that reminds you of her, and she will love the practicality and meaningfulness behind it.

Don’t forget to include an essential oil book or two with your healthy gift basket!

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9. Mom’s Special Memories Basket

Moms can never have enough reminders of their family and kids. Give her a special scrapbook kit, or cute picture frame.

Memories Gift Basket for Moms

Instant cameras are really popular now, and would make a wonderful addition to a gift basket for a mom.

You could even include a cute Mom suncatcher to remind her of your love!

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This type of special memories basket is great for health-conscious moms and those who simply want a wonderful keepsake put together by their children. No matter your age, you can turn this into an extra-special gift!

10. Mom’s At-Home Movie Date Night

What Mom couldn’t use a special date night with friends or family?

Movie Gift Basket for Moms

Gift the perfect at-home date night basket by grabbing some organic caramels, fruit snacks, honey almond mix, or popcorn, and a nice new throw blanket with which to cuddle up.  Throw in a fun new movie and you’ve got your date night!

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You could also turn this into a family movie night basket where you choose healthy drinks and snacks, family-friendly movies, and maybe some blankets for everyone in the family to cuddle up under.

There are many family-friendly movies available for free viewing with an Amazon Prime membership.

So now you have the Parenting Rockstar list of 10 creative and healthy gift basket ideas for moms.

Happy gifting!

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Healthy Gift Basket Ideas for Moms

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