The Ten Best Free Family-Friendly Christmas Movies on YouTube

Your Christmas tree is up, lights and decorations are carefully in place, and shopping and gift wrapping are moving nicely along.  What else could you possibly need to help with yuletide cheer?  Why, a good Christmas movie, of course!

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Everyone loves a great movie, but there’s something about Christmas movies that add an extra glow to the holiday spirit.

If your family enjoys good Christmas movies, you’ll want to check out Parenting Rockstar’s ten best free family-friendly Christmas movies on YouTube.

There are so many good Christmas movies to choose from. Finding a movie that is appropriate for kids and that the whole family enjoys can be a challenge.

We’ve done our best to choose wholesome and clean Christmas movies that avoid strong language, violence, and overt sexual themes.

We hope you and your family enjoys these movies.  Be sure to pop a little extra popcorn for us!

Family-friendly tip:  We recommend you have YouTube Restricted Mode enabled on your web browser (Instructions HERE).  While it is not foolproof, enabling Restricted Mode can help prevent children from seeing mature and other age-inappropriate content on YouTube.

Ten Best Free Family-Friendly Christmas Movies on YouTube

1. A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of the most-loved Christmas stories of all time.  While several screen adaptations have been made of this classic redemption story, this 1951 version starring Alistair Sim is truly a gem.

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2. A Royal Christmas

Hallmark makes some really cute Christmas movies, and this one is no exception.

The story of A Royal Christmas centers around a working-class American girl dating a guy who is secretly a foreign prince from another country!

This type of story has the potential to get really cheesy, but this movie is full of heart and believable characters.

There a few moments where you think, “Oh, no, it can’t turn out that way,” but since it’s a Hallmark movie you know how it turns out in the end. 🙂

3. The Homecoming: A Christmas Story

The 1970s’ TV show The Waltons was loved by many for its portrayal of a simpler way of life when strong family values mattered and common sense prevailed.

The Walton’s Christmas movie, The Homecoming, is a heartwarming tale told with the typical simplicity and warmth of life during The Depression Era.

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4. A Dog Named Christmas

Another gem from Hallmark films, A Dog Named Christmas is a story about a developmentally challenged young man who convinces his dad to take in a needy foster dog.

There are some challenges along the way that lead to a time of growth and greater love within the family.

5. The Bells of St. Mary’s

Bing Crosby stars in this story about a priest and a nun who have differing ideas about how to run their church school.  While not a full-blown Christmas movie, the holiday is a part of the story, and there are some really great moments in this classic film.

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6. A Christmas Tree Miracle

This is a sweet film about a family that falls on hard times and has to decide whether to let bitterness take root, or to move forward and choose to work hard and start over in a culture that may not always understand the value of family togetherness.

7. A Town Without Christmas

This story features a troubled boy and a guardian angel that help everyone understand the power of love and togetherness at Christmas.

8. The Christmas Gift

This movie stars John Denver as an architect who is supposed to help serve greedy business interests by turning a small town into a real estate development, but ends up helping to save the town at Christmas time.


9. When Calls the Heart Christmas

Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart has been an immensely popular series. Set in the beautiful Canadian wilds, this is a story of the trials and triumphs of life in the small town of Hope Valley in the early 20th Century.

10. By God’s Grace

This story is similar to the classic It’s a Wonderful Life, featuring a young man who makes some wrong choices and then comes face to face with the consequences of his decisions. The principle of sowing and reaping comes full circle in this touching story.

Thanks for taking a look at the best free family-friendly Christmas movies on YouTube!  Happy watching!


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